Sleazes Shoot the Poor Clerk At Traveler’s Inn

That poor clerk got shot, at Traveler’s Inn.  This is a notorious place for drug dealers and prostitutes in the area.  SLEAZY.  I know, I stayed there!  That is how I found out about it- the hard way.

What a thing to do, what a act to add to your life’s resume!  At the physical rehab place at the V.A. Medical center, I read the bible passages in some of the magazines they have, and aren’t they refreshing?

Update: Another shooting happens at 26th and Jarboe.  The “20’s again” more stuff happens on those streets than anywhere, it seems like  “the 20 blocks”.  The fuckin’ Morons.  I suspect many of these shootings were just random.. where some punks plugged someone in a vulnerable position.. just to prove their “manhood”.

There is just so much danger in this world!  Always DANGER.


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