The 20 Blocks- the “East” District

Boy someone else just got killed at 27th and Park street.  This is the area close to the V.A. hospital, called “East” by some.  There must be something bad going on in that area.  I go over there to go to the V.A. hospital.  I nearly rented a house over there, thank the Lord that I decided not to!

These streets run south of 23rd Street,  Denver, Park, Brooklyn, etc.  It seems like EVERY WEEK there is a murder over there.  The homicides are over on 25th street, 31st Street, 24th street, etc.  Probably drugs, arguments, family vendetta.  People have this strange mentality around there, I surmise.  Fuckin’ idiots.  American people are the biggest idiots on earth.  Silly.  Stupid. But dangerous.


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