Save the Americans

Dave Singleton’s son nearly dies.  From the reports of the neighbors, his boy actually DID die, but was revived.  He had open heart surgery about a year ago, and is a stone diabetic.  He wouldn’t stop eating sweets, smoking, drinking, etc.. now he is a mess.

This blog ain’t “NFL today”… it is about yours truly, and the few people I know around here, mostly in this apartment building.   Dave Singleton, age 75 is looking around for a job,  I think he found one hauling containers.  He is pretty old for such work.  He is a well of experience.  He told me, “man do what them doctors tell you to do!”   He’s been through it all.  Had hernias..ruptured himself a number of times.  Pulled his arm out of the socket, etc.

My family is reeling from the death of my Aunt Norma.  My sister miraculously survived her ordeal with Necrotic Pancreatitis..sheesh she was on a ventilator all winter.  Now the Long Term Insurance company is on her ass to file social security (so THEY can collect the back pay).

A few people are moving ‘cos they can’t make the rent.  Those maintenance men are like wolves, snatching appliances, furniture, etc,  every time someone has to move in getting evicted, which happens all the time.  The rent is cheap, under $400 a month.

I watch Victoria Grant’s videos.  She’s a 12 year old girl who figured out how private banks are ripping the consumers off.  Welfare state?  The “Welfare State” is the banking industry that loans the government money.  It is that interest that the American people have to come up with.

Meanwhile- EVERYONE I know is ill, or has huge problems.  My brother was sick last week, ear infection.  But what happened to Dave Singleton’s son, and my sister, was like a horror movie, not to mention my Aunt.

Myself, I am trying to keep my shoulder from stiffening, after having extensive repairs on my shoulder.  I was in  surgery for 8 hours.  People are running around with devastating health problems.

People act like they are John Wayne or Chuck Norris or something.  As if they can fall off a roof and get up, then sprint a mile, then beat up someone for pete’s sack.

PEOPLE GET INJURED EASILY.  The smallest accident can turn into a can of worms.


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