Gunsmoke in the Inner City

They really shot the place up this weekend.  Four homicides and it is still not over.  Three of them were very close to my place.  Two were two blocks or less away.  One about 5 blocks away.  Holy cow.

Here is the TV5 webpage with the details.

There was yet another one, smack dab in front of my house..sheesh…at that funeral home right across the way!  They had the 7-11 blocked off.  I still don’t know what happened.

In another incident, about 7 blocks away,  a guy shoots at the cops.  Apparently,  the man thought that would be a good idea.  The cops killed him deader than  a door nail.   They stop him ‘cos he has some of those bad girls in the car,  and the guy flipped out.

Whatever the trouble was at 7-11, it ain’t on the news.

Mexico is dangerous?  Colombia is dangerous?  THE USA is dangerous.


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