The Guerrero Market on St. John – Robbed by Punks

I go to this little market to get Hunts pizza.  I’ve only gone there twice.  The Hunts pizza is very good.  I think it is better than Pizza Hut.  It only cost $10 for all the toppings you want.  The little market is at 4440 St. John Avenue in Northeast.

Arabs own it.  Yesterday, a couple of dudes beat the crap out of the owner and robbed them.  The owner is no punk,  he is stocky and healthy.  He fought them in the store and all the way out on the street.  He had videocams and the cops nailed the robbers.  Good!  I hope something is actually going to happen to them.  The owners really beat up,  his eyes swollen shut scars all over his head.

The owner was surprised because the robbers were people that came to his store all the time, regular customers.

It is amazing what people will do, as in ROTTEN.  You can never underestimate this, it seems like.

Why would I go to Afghanistan or Iraq?  People are evil right here.  No one gives a shit about the dirt that they deal, nor the injuries that they cause.

People are sad, they just are.


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