A Typically Shocking Day

The stalwart Normeen goes to work today.  He hates his job, but he is as regular as rain.  Hardly ever misses a day.  Last night was a real doozy for him.  Jeff passed away.  His heart had basically burst.  Norman went there to comfort poor Deanna.

Normeen himself, went to the hospital at North Kansas City.  He had a inner ear infection.  People have a lot of health problems around here.  Even yours truly, as I nurse my shoulder and take medicine for my blood sugar.

I took Fred to the CVS pharmacy, had to give him $5, so he could get his insulin.  It takes 2 of us to operate the truck, because my arm is so sore.  He has to operate that stick shift.

Meanwhile, the cops are busting that dickens out of the local prostitutes.  They’ve got policewomen out there as decoys, and they are really mixing it up out on the street.  I did not even notice, until the neighbors told me.  I am busy with my sister, my family, my problems.


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