The World of the Nobodies

My brothers, brother-in-law, Jeff Brooks, has a massive stroke this morning.  Jeff, he has suffered catastrophic brain damage.  Basically, his Aorta split.  My brother Norman goes down to see him, even though he has a inner ear infection.  I did not want Norman to go down there, but he never listens to me.  He got some antibiotics at the North Kansas City Hospital.  It was so bad that he kept falling down.  I tried to stop them from leaving,  but I am winged with my rotator cuff.

Social Security calls me this morning.  I had e-mailed the White House.  I e-mailed Pres. Obama and gave them a piece of my mind.  I can hardly believe it.  I did not think any politician ever listened to the voters.  I’ve got my claim approved, I can hardly believe it!   My rotator cuff,  the injuries to my shoulder were not even part of the claim.

The rotator cuff is really bothering me.  I take my arm of the sling sometimes and do these little exercises.

Life is like that.  There will be miraculous events,  delightful events, but then, there will be soul destroying events.  We can be nothing in one second,  yet still we waste our time.


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