ATM robbers at the VA medical Center

Yesterday, I went to the Kansas City VA medical Center.  I went there for physical therapy on my shoulder.  My shoulder is real torn up.  I had a huge fungal rash in my right armpit, because I couldn’t take a shower, because of the immobilizer sling that I was wearing.  I was afraid to take that sling off.

Well, they were restocking the money at the ATM, and one of the patients grabbed the bag containing the money.  Everyone was astonished.  This did not particularly surprise me.  That dude’s in for a lot of trouble.  They had him on camera, plus he had just been in for blood labs.  They will have his name, rank and serial number.  He just grabbed that bag of money and ran out one of the entrances.

There was a quite a stir among the nurses, everyone was talking about it.  I had my nurse Frances working on me.  She is my favorite nurse.  It was very crowded at the VA.  Although the settings are bland, I thank God for the VA.  it is not fancy in there, but they help you out.  They are arranged for a nurse to visit me and everything.

This reminds me of when I was seeing my sister at Research hospital.  At Christmas time, some creep decided to invade the home of these people that live right across from Research Hospital.  He killed the whole family.  I can’t remember how many people it was.


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