Have No Woman- No Cry

No woman no cry.  Have no woman, do not cry.  My hero is a sperm bank donor.  Women are dangerous,  they’re dangerous even more, if you’re rich and famous.  I do not see what the fuss is about John Edwards and his child.  That kid will have more advantage than most of the world’s children  could ever dream of.  The same goes for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s illegitimate child.

People sure like the fuss.  Most of the children around here are unwanted in the first place.  Still, they’re making John Edwards out to be the villain of the century.

If this happened in Bangkok, or Medellin Colombia, it wouldn’t have made the newspapers.  Here in the US Sex Prison,  people are horrified!

People are fucked.  They just are.  They say that Homo sapiens is the most intelligent creature on this earth,  it seemed like to me, that a dog, is more intelligent.

They’re cranking up the “victim” machine.  There are plenty of victims around here!   There are plenty of wrong to be righted.   Instead, taxpayer money is wasted on ruining John Edwards.

I would rather have these fine boiled potatoes.  Along with some peace.  People seem incapable of giving one another peace.


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