The dangers of USA? The people living here

I am comparing other countries with the USA.  The USA seems to have the most dangerous people.  Crime is high, petty crime, and you’ve always got to watch your stuff.  Especially watch those close to you.

The cops here won’t do shit, if you get ripped off.  The cops are always bitching that they want more money, but do not expect Sherlock Holmes  when you deal with them.   They don’t do shit.  Even when you know, who did it.

The cops don’t do shit except complain that they want more money.  The poorer you are, the worse you are treated.

Your only defense is just to steer clear of people.  This whole area seems to be tainted by drugs and crime.  If you take people in your almost sure to get ripped off.  I’ve done it.  I got my hand bit every time.

Northeast is so high crime.  Everyone in this hood is looking to get whatever they can get their hands on.  They’re not afraid of the cops, or being caught.  The cops will do nothing.  People know this, so they will steal.


One thought on “The dangers of USA? The people living here

  1. I have read your blog on and off for quite some time. I found it when I first moved to KC a few years ago and was trying to learn about the area and different parts of town. I don’t live there presently, but I might move back soon.

    Anyway, I’m going to visit in a few weeks and when I do, I’m going to buy you dinner.


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