Use Icy Hot to keep cool

I’ve posted about this before, back in the archives.  When it is very hot out,  you need something to keep cool.  There is some stuff called “icy hot.”  It is sold in pharmacies, and some grocery stores.  At Apple market is in the one dollar section of the store.  There are many brand names for this stuff.  It is generally “icy” something.  What I use tonight is the one Dollar Brand called “Icy Cool.”   Works like a charm.

It is in a short blue little container.  This stuff is a gel that has menthol in it.  You can rub this stuff on your belly, face, arms, and legs, etc.  You can use it on your crotch,  be careful on your sensitive private though.  This stuff is like having an ice pack on your skin, and it lasts for a long time.  Keeps you nice and cool.  An old trick.  When you sit in front of a fan, blow wind on yourself it is really comfortable.

One thing to note is that the more expensive brand sometimes has more menthol in it, so it is better.


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