What about the Americans?

Obama promises the Afghan government support for years to come. in other words, he bribed them.   they’ve also been bribing the daylights out of the Pakistani government.  They did the same thing in the Philippines with Ferdinand Marcos.  the Filipino people, largely hate Americans now.  LBJ was a president that started raiding Social Security to pay for Vietnam.  He did this to conceal the true cost of the war.  This was my conflict.  Right or wrong, Vietnam cost a staggering sum of money.

The war in the Middle East must be costing many times what the conflict in Vietnam cost.  I think our political leaders are like these insane sociopaths. What is disturbing, is the way that people ignore the pain that other people go through. It is like this mass hypnosis.

No one cares if you are  ill. People or trying to survive themselves.   My favorite analogy is a flood, where people are clinging to trees and watching the water rise, unable to do anything about the other people.

Another situation was the one in New Orleans, where people trying to escape the flood were turned away by neighborhoods full of armed people.  If this is America, why would I fight a war for it?


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