The IRS hammers the poor

The rich people got lawyers– the poor cheat on their tax out of sheer resentment.  Who would think $20,000 or less would be taxed?  But they do- they tax the fuck out of you.  It’s easy for the IRS to collect also.  Most poor people have a job,  a car,  a house.  The poor people are sitting ducks for the IRS.

The IRS is without mercy.  They do not care if you’re homeless.  They will come and take what you have,  and they will take it all.  You can negotiate with them.  Most poor people finally have to it is the most humiliating thing.  The USA is a humiliating country.

Why do people always talk about freedom in the USA?  Freedom this, freedom that.  There are more people in prison in the USA than all the countries in the world combined.  Our health care system is 42nd in quality, and number one in expense.

It is no fun getting hammered,  let me tell you.  No one gives a shit,  you will find that out.  No one gives a shit about anything but themselves.

I do not know what your country is like,  but my country is a place where people are dying.  Little by little.  NAFTA did not help anyone that I knew.


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