Getting Picked Off, one by one

That is what America life is like.  Few people I knew obtain the American dream.  None of them did.  Now, we are seeing the fruit of decisions that were made by politicians such as Bill Clinton.   I voted for Bill Clinton.  I thought that I liked him.  I don’t like him so much now.

NAFTA  Was the beginning of the stake through the American people’s heart.  Then “welfare reform” to break the back of the poor.  Violence,  a lack of respect for life,  and crime were the result.

Bill Clinton is still running around giving speeches,  as if he were some sort of success.

On the other hand,  you have the Republicans.  I am like a duck, in a shooting gallery. People come around, and asked me for help all the time.  Here is one reason  why I’m hesitant to do so.  Very few people in the world have it together.  There are far more losers than winners. Right now all I can think of is a pain that I’m experiencing.


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