Independence Avenue Grocers

Here are my favorite Grocers in the Northeast Area:

Apple Market: Close by, I get chicken breast there,  pork chops, and miscellaneous vegetables and fruits.  Sometimes I go to Price Chopper but it is a little far down the Avenue.  Price Chopper and Apple Market are both owned by Cosentino.    If Apple Market doesn’t have a sale on chicken breast, then Price Chopper will..etc.  I like the Apple Market ice cream it is very good.

Snyder’s: I go there for Roma brand bread, which is a very good bread.  The Roma brand bread is superior.  I dislike the Cosentino brand, unleavened Italian bread.. it’s not as good as sliced Roma Italian.  Snyder’s is kind of being choked off.

Abarotes Mi Familia:  Love this little grocer.  It is mostly mexican stuff.  They have thinly sliced steaks such as Milanesa.  Their hamburger is not only cheaper,  it is better.  They have a little meat counter in back.  Good deals on Avocado.  Their tomatoes are not as good as Cosentino’s- in general, but last night I got a very good tomato from Abarotes.     One annoying thing- they do not have Coke 2 liter, nor Pepsi 2 liter.   Milk is a good deal in there.  Their tortillas are better, and usually cheaper than even Aldi or Sav A Lot.

Sav A Lot– has good deals, the cheaper deals on canned goods.  Their ice cream is not the best.  Their produce is O.K.   Good deals on Oscar Myer Brand Hot dogs.  I buy Coke 2 liter there for cheap.  $1.35.  Sav A Lot is ahead of Aldis.  If you watch the Sav A Lot Ads, you will find some ROCK BOTTOM deals, such as those BIG cans of Coffee for $3.

Aldi- need I say more?  Canned goods, block cheeses.  Aldi is not quite the bargain it was in the old days.  I like their ice cream bars, but their ice cream is bland.  Aldi does not have Coke or Pepsi, forcing another trip.  Aldi 12 grain bread is very good.  Their cheap white bread is not so good.    Aldi, these days has a lot of specialized foods from Germany.  German chocolates, and imported European foods.  I love their cheap hamburger buns and hot dog buns.  These are better than “best choice” brands in other stores.

There are other, small grocers around here that I never go to.  They also have the Farmer’s Market.  I never go there either.


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