Maybe the USA Ain’t so Bad

As I study and keep studying.. heh.. maybe the ‘States ain’t so bad.  The cops sure have cleaned up around here.  It’s almost like I can walk around.  I go to the Doctors..they say get more excercise..but man.. I don’t like going out walking, not around here!

Food prices are comparable to other,  “poor” countries.  Rents are higher here, and utilities are very high.  Internet is expensive here, but I dunno the quality of the Foreign internet.   Cable Internet is the only one worth having.  DSL sucks, from what I have seen. YouTube is more fun, more entertaining than CATV.

Health care is very expensive, and health problems are very bad here.  My poor sister is recuperating.. from a nightmare stay in the hospital.  Many people I know are no longer with us in this world.   It is awful when I think of it.  I am worried about my sister..not some new fuckin’ gun someone wants to sell to the military.

There is a crime problem, that raises it’s head every once in a while.  A lot of problems are brought on by the people themselves.   Human beings are a crazy sort of being.

Technology has grown, but social skills have not grown along with it.

Now, there is a tornado watch over in Kansas.  What is gonna happen next- the fuckin’ WIND blowing me away?



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