Using For Worldwide Conditions

I like this site, to compare the U.S. to other countries. I use it to compare other countries, with other countries.  What Numbeo uses is data from consumers in respective places, to generate statistics that might help you with evaluate living in that country.

There are many aspects to living in a place.  There are intangibles, such as living in a place where people are fighting.  They right around here!  El Salvador might be cheap to live in,  but it has the highest homicide rate in the world.

A country might have flora and fauna you dislike.  It might be too hot, or too polluted.  This site has consumer reports in the form of statistics.  Thailand has good health care ratings, for example.

Some places have state run health care, while others have paid health care, with no insurance companies at all.  Some places have mortgages, but others, such as Argentina do not.

This guy’s videos, Retirecheapjc, are very informative.  In this video he shows prices at a market in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Eh.. the prices are roughly the same in the ‘States.  Except for fresh shrimp with the head on,  this is cheaper than the USA.

Some countries have police departments that do not report all crimes.  Some places have police that are bribable and corrupt.  We have had all of those things right here in the U.S.A.  The Former Soviet Union has low prices, but I would be hesitant to move there, or even visit.  They have a Neo Nazi Movement in Russia now.  You could get targeted.  You could also get targeted in the U.S.A. also!  By someone who is “mad as hell, and is not going to take it anymore.”

Numbeo uses New York City for comparisons, but New York City prices are not an indicator in the U.S.A.  I only pay $375 for my crib here.  It is not in the best part of the city, but it is comfortable enough.  New York is generally more expensive than anywhere else in the U.S.A.

Numbeo is flexible, and has a lot of ways you can compare the data.  How much data is there depends upon how many users have done the surveys.  Some places, such as Albania, might only have a few users making contributions.

I like using this site to check on things.  Statistics are one thing, but there are a wide range of facts that need to be checked up on before travel to another country.  I have been alarmed recently, but the reports of frequent power and internet outages, in Cuenca, Ecuador (supposed to be retirement heaven).

There are the attitudes of the locals.  For example, in Hawaii mainlanders are kind of..discriminated against,  called ‘Hali’s” (pronounced ‘howlies’) .  Some places you might get ripped off in a business deal, and have no ability to get justice, because you are a foreigner.

I think ALL people discriminate.  Whether it is religious, racial, ethnic, or whatever.  There are many forms of discrimination.  For example, what is your favorite food?  Favorite color?  Take a look at the lives of famous people, and see if there are not all types of discrimination!  Tiger Woods has been humiliated, ripped off, and villainized.  I can’t stand my sister’s Country Cornball music, but it is right popular here in the midwest.   I like my “new age” music,  celtic music.


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