Is the U.S.A. the best country?

I am always trying to figure it out.  Looking at statistics and prices, crime rates and climate.  The U.S.A.  is just as dirty and trashed in certain spots as many other countries.  Violence, yep we like that.   Crime, we like that too.  Taxes and injustice.. check.  We got that.  Here, I  am afraid to go out walking around at night.  At night I lock myself in, and do not talk to strangers.

Statistics can be misleading, but here is a statistic site that shows the crime rate, among other things, in different countries of the world.

Here is another site, Numbeo, that uses statistics from whoever wants to supply the information. India, for example, has the cheapest food.  Contributors from all over the world supply the prices.   But food is only one factor in living comfortably.  One other thing to keep in mind, is avoiding the Tourist prices and getting a fair price for say, a apartment.

Some countries will be cheap, but have a very low quality of living.  The Ukraine is rated this way.   Many Eastern European countries look very attractive at first, but the “Quality of Living” will be bad.  Dunno what that is.  I guess what that means is crime, hot water, health care, pollution, etc.

There are always political aspects.  There are racial and ethnic conflicts, and envy.   In some countries, they do not have hot water as a standard amenity.  The USA’s water quality is very good, compared to the bad water around the world.  The USA’s power grid is very good, and very reliable.  The USA’s postal system and package delivery system is very good.

There is more than just cost to consider.  Other countries have different bugs, different organisms that can make your life miserable.  They  even have plants that are deadly- will kill you.   The ‘States have bureaucracy- but not nearly as bad as some other countries!  The heat in certain parts of South and Central America is said to be unbearable.

The Politicians in the U.S.A. piss me off.. but it is better than many places.   There are drawbacks and strife everywhere.  I’d like to live where there is warm water.. like Thailand or the Carribbean..and a nice beach..and I can afford it.

Cheap U.S. Food: Tonight I made some spaghetti.. with 1.5lb of ground beef ($4), 2 jars of $1 spaghetti sauce, some pasta, and some coke.  About $1.50 a plate.. and it isn’t half bad.  It made about 4 very large servings.   So there you are.  A pretty cheap, but tasty, meal.  India is said to have the cheapest food in the world.

Rent and housing are very expensive in the USA.   As long as people are making money, it is o.k.   But- they are not.   The city bus system is expensive, and inefficient.   Utilities are expensive.  Fast internet is expensive. I’d like to go visit, say Thailand for a few months.  I’d like to go to the Yucatan Peninsula.  The U.S.A. suffers politically.  There is senseless violence, with all sorts of twisted motivation.  It appears that, the U.S.A. does not have the cheapest food anymore.   Prices are rising.  Peanut butter and coffee are rising in price.  Beef roast is rising.  Used to be, you could get it on sale reliably for $2.00 or so.

People around me just fill their bellies.  They do not buy computers.  They don’t even know how to USE computers.  They do not buy cars, not even used ones.  So, I don’t know of I would call living in the U.S.A. “great”.  The population is getting older and sicker, not younger and more energetic.  There is a huge turnout at the Church across the street on mondays for the free meal,  which is usually tuna casserole or something.


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