24th and Hardesty

A guy gets killed at 24th and Hardesty.  I nearly rented a house down there, at 24th and Benton.  Looked pretty good,  $375.   Seemed like it was a good deal-  until I checked the crime reports, that is.  There were dots all over the crime map.  Then, when I didn’t want to rent it, the guy asked him to make him an offer.

I’ll give him an offer all right.. say $200!  I value my skin too much.  Someone is ALWAYS getting plugged down there, or worse.  The street was 24th and Denver, I went and looked at the house.  It was O.K., but I noticed how many boarded up houses were on the block.

I would not give $1,000 for the best house in that area.  They will kill you like you were a chicken.

The U.S.A. ranks 5th in fear of crime in the world,  The U.S.A. ranks 42nd in Health Care.  Source: Numbeo.com

Lo and behold, the U.S.A ranks Number ONE in actual crime..by a large amount.


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