Cop Bust

The cops stop one dude out frontThere are a LOT of cops out there.   Whatever his problem is, I am so glad not to be in that dude’s shoes.  Dunno what the problem even was.. but it is ALWAYS happening,  if ya- get the idea!  I suspect it was some sort of bail enforcement type deal.

There is a LOT of trouble in the world, yes indeed.  People are always fighting..and I mean ALWAYS.  This was the second incident in 4 days.  Seems like it always involves drugs or prostitutes.  A person can get into SO MUCH trouble.. SO FAST it ain’t funny.

It also always boils down to MONEY.  Someone, somewhere, wants that money.   My arm hurts me.  Soon, I am to have surgery soon for rotator cuff injury, and injuries to my nerves on my arm.  Bambi comes up and helps me with the kitchen, and I reward her with a huge can of coffee..they are on sale over at Sav A Lot for only $3.  The BIG 5 pound cans or whatever they are.  I am gonna buy more while the sale lasts.

There are a lot of conflicts.  Sometimes it is nothin’, but on the other hand, some times.. it is really SOMETHING.

Update:  I wake up to the sound of the police helicopters over head.   I had a strange dream of these zombies..the dream was much like “Contagion” where some saliva gets on some food and the Zombie virus spreads.


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