Strange Stories.. WeIRD Stories

Strange Stories..that are true.  The most mundane life is touched by the STRANGE BUT TRUE.   My sister languishes all winter,  on a ventilator after pancreatic surgery.  My cousin’s husband gets killed when a porch collapses on his neck as he is working on a lawnmower he has propped up against it. People survive surgery at Truman, and go right back “home” to the street..sleeping behind a fuckin dumpster.   I look at the ‘net like a Sears catalog!  I want a Russian Trophy wife, no wait, a wife AND a girlfriend.  I want to be rippin’ rock guitar player.  I want to be a healing Shaman that can touch people and heal them.  I want a pocket full of currency.

Simple survival feels pretty good however.  I have cool fans and it is a nice temperature this evening.   Me and my brother are in for the night.   Ho’s are out walking around already as the sun goes down.  I am happy to be indoors.

We are surviving this day, as the earth heaves on it’s axis..and sensing it, with our dulled senses.   Strange stories.  WEIRD stories!


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