That Heat is Comin’

It was 85F today, and we get a taste of the heat.  I put the A/C in the kitchen, then fans blow the air to the front room, and the back room.  It’s all right.. meanwhile..the poor get ready to swelter.

Down at the 7-11 the unfortunate ones are hangin’ out.. some of them with dire medical conditions.  My brother deals with one shelter lady, she says..”there are plenty of places for them to stay.  They won’t give up drugs and booze.”

The local dopers won’t give their shit up for NOTHIN‘.  Jail, even prison does not deter them.. from their right to be wretched.  It is getting hot,and they are looking for a handout.  Shit they won’t even say “thanks”.  Hard core?  I mean HARD CORE.  Most of them have lived this way for years and years.   It is like they are slowly dying..and want to take a swing at the world.  It is hard to say how the people got into the situations, that they did.

My sister is recovering slowly from her near death experience with pancreatitis.  She was unbelievably sick for a 40 year old woman.  She isn’t obese, nor a drug hound.  Oh GOD how sick she was.  I pray for her at night,and just about everyone I know.  She is hobbling around, almost off of her walker.  I thank GOD for her daughter and her boyfriend Doug.  Oh how I thank God for them.

PRAY FOR THEM.  When people piss you off.. put you in a corner…pray for them.  This feels much better than figuring out how you are gonna deal with them..etc.  No matter what you do, someone’s hand has touched your life.  The milk you drink, the power, the water.  You get the bad things from other people, but boy,  you surely get the good from them too!


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