Expatriate to the USA

I have been reading for weeks, and watching video on YouTube, about expatriates around the world.   I dislike the crime here, and am very..ungrateful I suppose!  But man.. it ain’t bad compared to many places on the earth, even now!

People have been talking about the collapse since the day I was born.  Eh.. which was quite some time ago, sonny!  First, there was the missile crisis.  In elementary school we had drills against being attacked.  In case of a nuclear attack on the U.S.   Then, there was Vietnam.  I figured I wasn’t gonna live to age 30- I thought I was going to go die in Vietnam.      I admit it has changed.. but boy, it ain’t bad.  The ‘Net sure is a ton of fun, and takes the place of my favorite place as a child- the library.

Thailand is supposed to be a paradise..but there are bad things happening there.  The same with Central America.. South America too.   No one from the ‘States is trying to cross the fence into Mexico to go to Guatemala.   Nor Canada.  I like Canada, a whole lot.  I think it is wonderful, and could teach the ‘States a few lessons.  Canada seems pretty laid back, unless you watch hockey, that is.

The American Postal system, and delivery system...is the finest in the world!  Many countries take months to get even a letter.

The U.S. Power Grid is also excellent, and very reliable by world standards.   In South America, people complain of the electricity being flakey, and going on and off whenever it wants to.

U.S. Cities also do no have the smog problems that many cities have.  I thought Canada’s were better, but the U.S. cities are better than many cities as far as clean air.

There is poverty here.  One thing the Expats complain about is the lack of Thrift Shops, which are all over the USA.  You can go buy nearly any appliance for a song.   Plenty of clothes there too- cheap.  Pollution, we have it, but the USA is not nearly as filthy as some cities in the world,  such as Calcutta or Mumbai.

There is crime here.  Yesterday I went out front, and suddenly a young man sprinted past me.  I didn’t realize what was happening until I looked over and saw the cop pursuing him.  I whipped out my cam..and made a little video.

Prostitution is illegal here, but they have quite a few around, at least in this area.  BUT.. the cops are really making a dent in it.  The favorite spots have been cleaned out- at last!

Bureaucracy is here too.  The U.S. is hard to emigrate to, so they say.  People fight and fight and argue.  They tried to fire Margaret downstairs- after 16 years with the company!  She got sideswiped by a car, knocked her down..and broke her ankle in a zillion places.  So- they are trying to fire her. I saw this happen to a guy who worked at Pizza Hut.   He had worked his way up to manager at his Pizza Hut store.   He got hurt, had to have knee surgery, so he lost his job, they fought his unemployment, saying he could be a delivery driver, which is a fucked up “job”.

The drawback to the USA is the healthcare system.  It is MASSIVELY expensive here, and highly political.  Dental care is hard .. very expensive..and the Dental school is full up.  Dental care is VERY expensive in the USA.   Many people have bad teeth.   Other countries seem to have a far better deal as far as health care.   At least, they seem to be better from what I can gather.   The health care that the poor DO have.. well the Republicans want to take it away.

After watching films about crime in Europe, well, my attitudes are changing.   I always thought the Europeans were civilized.. but they are quite as ornery as everyone else.


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