There is a Happy Land.. SOMEWHERE. (maybe)

I spend the past few nights reading about the joys of  Thailand.  Yesterday a guy got killed down at Budd Park- shot.   Budd Park is about 1 mile from here.  People will get killed there, every once in a while.  SOMEWHERE in the world there has got to be a happy place.  I like the videos of Thailand.. seems less hassle than the USA, which is a stressed out place.

Plenty of crime and violence in the US also.  “A country where you are afraid to go out after dark”.. I guess they must be talking about the USA.  People come and knock on my door looking for a bit of food all the time.   ALL the time, nearly every day.

I stay safe, stay insideIt IS better than it used to be.  But still.. very undesirable things happen.  Like those idiots over at Budd park.

I spend my days reading about how people live.  Backpackers, tourists, expatriates.  There are warnings about the scams, but, scams happen in the USA also.  Being quoted one price for a tow, then charged for another.  Auto mechanics scams.  Today a woman tried to shortchange me at a restaurant.  I dunno if it was on purpose, but I am suspicious.  Little hustles.. here and there.   Just look at the ‘net.  There’s more commercials on the ‘net than were ever on TV.

Now I am watching a piece on people that were locked up abroad, after I watched a movie about criminals in the U.K.  “Rise of the Footsoldier.”   Trouble grows silently, continually, and unbelievably.  It seems the same the world over.

They have this dream of having millions.. zillions.. and that is all right. $16,500 a year, you are in the richest 25% of the world.


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