The Ghost of Yuri Ives

Me and my brother talk about him a lot.  This man had EVERYTHING compared to the poor sods around here.   Then, these idiots decided to rob and kill him.   His house was the ENVY of everyone in this hood.  His house is only 2 doors down from me.  Freaks me right out.

Someone is living in that fine house now.. out there trimming the lawn.  The Avenue has become very quiet.  No more prostitutes lurking..they have all gone away.. thank goodness!  I am almost confident enough to go walking around.

I looked down the street, while I was out putting a starter in my old Ford F150, and the place was for sale,  gardener out there watering the plants.   Strange.  Down at the 7-11 the gal remarks how this place was quieted down.   It wasn’t exactly “Los Zetas”,  but these street idiots were dangerous just the same.   Many are in jail and good riddance.

Not that I knew the man.  I did not like his Republican party signs in the yard.   There are rumors that he might have been a little on the shifty side.  Maybe this is just envy.  I was just one of the riff raff who drove down the street on my way to work.

It’s not that I care for someone, but the crime I dislike.  Whether I like them or not..I do not want to see them injured or murdered.


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