To Expatriate- even on a limited budget

I read about people who go to other places to live.  I read about them, then get appalled by the violence and crime they can get mixed up in.  Well, we have that right here in the USA!  I had two cars stolen, one with all of my photo albums, family,  US Navy cruise books, everything.  I’ve gotten rolled, and had snatch-and-run thieves rip me off.

I read all the expatriate websites.. “live in paradise for $1,000 a month”.. and keep wondering if they are bull crap.

As far as danger, and nervousness… you have that right around here.  It is DANGEROUS to live in the ‘States.   At least in this city.  I do not feel safe. I go to the store- then quickly back to my crib.  A homeless man got killed down in the bottoms– hit by a car.  The bottoms is where I started out, at the start.  This stuff is not “far away” but right around this neighborhood!

Old Dave got fired from his job, aged 73.  Eh.. cos he wouldn’t sit down in Harrisonville and sleep all night in the cab of his truck.  TYPICAL trucking.  This is what I did for most of my life, and it ain’t easy.  He’d got put out of service for the brake chambers on his truck.   His boss got mad and blamed him.   That’s trucking.  They blame the drivers for EVERYTHING.  I did that for 20 years, and it sucked.  There is so much unseen danger.  That company lost a good man in Old Dave, he is a GOOD man.

Update:  Well as I read, and watched more YouTube video, I learned a few things.  Other “paradise” countries- have quite a few problems.  In the paradise of Thailand, the south is on the brink of civil war.   The new President of Thailand is cracking down on drugs with a heavy hand- some say out and out murdering suspected drug traffickers.   The resorts have quite a crime problem.


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