Down and Out Magazine

There was an article I saw today..”Don’t overlook American Poverty“.. and how true this statement is.  People here are like coyotes.  I am a old truck driver.. applying for disability after 30 years of working for all kinds of companies.  Mostly trucking.  I have over 1 million safe miles.  I was in the Navy.  My brother was in the Army.

People are desperate from mistakes they have made, and from illness.  I never carry money around with me.  In these apartments,  people can rob your crib before you even know it.  Stealing and petty theft are quite casual around here.. an expected thing.

People will come to my crib to visit- and steal the food out of my refrigerator.  There are people living like animals around here.. foraging for whatever they can.

People are sick, and staggering through their lives.  At my trucking job- boy, you just DON’T GET SICK.   You do NOT miss no work.   People are diabetics at age 40 .  They have all kinds of stuff happen to them.

There certainly are people with self inflicted damages- due to very poor choices.  Such as drugs and alcohol.  It is like Satan invading them.  The life span of people is often short.  One whole family was wiped out.  First the father, then the kids..  at age 42, then 50 the kids the whole generation gone.

“Momma got sick and mean, and then she died” Pa ran off.   I see this story constantly around here.  It is horrible.


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