Health is the NUMBER ONE Issue

Health care.. health.. is the number one issue in the world.   KC is going to have surgery soon..and she is poor as a churchmouse, don’t even have a place to live.  Something about a growth on her bladder.. other stuff too.  Freddy Joe is limping around, trying to get his leg to heal so they don’t amputate his toes, foot, or leg.   My sister at the house after being in the hospital ALL winter.  I find out from a MRI that I have a torn rotator cuff.  People are in bad shape.

My brother drives people to dialysis all night.  The population of the USA is AGING.  That is the cause of it.  Everyone I know has a handful.   Who KNOWS what is gonna happen?   I am grateful just to be warm .. to be dry this night.. to have my brother sleeping in the back room.  To have my other siblings still living.

Man..the list is SO LONG..of things to be grateful for.  To have gadgets to cook with, and stuff to COOK.. food to eat. Warmth.  The Sun.  Electricity.    Just to have the experience of life,  although it seems filled with danger and uncertainty.


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