Fusia Spicy Kung Pao Noodle Bowl Review

The Fusia Asian noodle bowls were on sale at Aldi for $1.50.   These are noodles, but they are not Ramen noodles.   They take 2 minutes to prepare in the microwave.

The noodles are moist.   They come in a sealed package.  There are sealed packages of herbs, and of sauce in the mix.   You put the noodles in the bowl,  then cut open the herbs and sauce packets,  and mix them with the noodles a little bit, along with 2 tablespoons of water.

You nuke them for 2 minutes.  Then, you mix them up a bit.

Verdict:  Eh,  I like Ramen noodles better, if it weren’t for the sodium.   It is pretty hot and spicy.  The noodles are kind of..wet and thick.  I like the Ramen noodles better.  At $1.50 it is lots more expensive than ramen.  For a snack, a grilled cheese is better.  It could be a matter of taste.  The  Asian food store has many noodles like these, so many people must like them.


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