The Poor People of the World

Freddy Joe in the hospital.. they might have to amputate two of his toes.  It is that diabetes.  Many people have diabetes.   My sister gets out of the hospital today- we are hoping this is the charm for her.  A LONG battle it has been.  I hope Freddy gets to keep his toes!

Update: Fred could lose his lower leg.   Man what a nightmare!  Bambi “I cants afford to bury nobody.”  Fred’s just barely over 50.   Welcome to the inner city.

Update: Fred won’t let ’em do it.  They are gonna do therapy..but he got to stop smokin’.  Whew.  They are gonna try to save his leg and toes.

Fred finally came home.   He says.. “I ain’t gonna let ’em take my leg.”

Were people nice to Fred?  Fuck no.  He’s a “lazy bum on disability”.  Fred tried to hustle and look out for Bambi as hard as he could.  Both of them have extreme diabetes.  They take insulin.. and their blood sugar was off the meter.

It’s like a horror movie.  I tell you about the people in the USA in a nutshell.  In the USA people think, that the more they put other people down,  the more it builds themselves up. 

I look at some video of places on earth I might want to go.  I look at pictures of India,  the slums of India.   Here is one video.  It sure changes my attitude!  When I was in the US Navy.. I was appalled at the slums of Olongapo City.  Those people need FOOD AND SHELTER, and CLEAN WATER..not a bunch of bombs.  It was horrible at Olongapo, and this was not even one of the worst slums.  Hmm.. I just looked at some Video of Olongapo, looks like they have fixed it up!

Poor people have problems here, but they could not imagine the problems over there.  It really makes me grateful.  The U.S. government DOES try to help it’s citizens.. FAR more than many other countries do!

The way the wealthy treat the poor seems to be far better in the USA also.  Especially compared to India.  In many countries, the downtrodden and helpless just get stomped even MORE.. they get stomped right into the ground.  So much for India being a “spiritual bastion of the world. ”  India does not seem very wise.  No one seems very wise.  The whole world is ruthless when it gets down to the bone.

Even the poor hospitals, such as Truman, are very nice in the USA.  This does not mean that people do not get sick, nor injured, and do not perish.  But it seems better in the USA!    When I first got off the ship,  got off the base into Olongapo City, it freaked me right out, and I went back to the ship.

There are places far worse than Olongapo,  in India, Africa, South America.  There are bad places right here in Kansas City.   So do not be poor.  The poor just get stomped even worse.

Last night that one guy who was sleeping on the steps of the church got into some kind of altercation down at the Apple Market.  Cursing people out or something, trying to panhandle.  He walked past me, muttering to himself,  then the security guards stopped him.  Dang.

It ain’t so bad right here.  I make a FDA approved hamburger on my George Foreman grill, with milk.  I am looking at YouTube videos that people made all over the world.  It ain’t bad at all.  You can never figure the world out, nope.. you never will.


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