George Foreman Grill- Potatoes and Bacon

I got a George Foreman Grill from the thrifty store.  You can ALWAYS find them there.  That doesn’t mean they can’t be useful.  If is very useful indeed.  The main point that I like is the EASY cleanup.  Scrubbing frying pans is a pain in the neck.  I will make ONE burger, and now there is a pan to wash.  The Foreman cleans out easy,  and with two sides, it cooks a hamburger up fast, among other things.

I simply cut a pound of bacon in half,  and tossed it in the grill without separating it.  Meanwhile,  I boil the potatoes so they are soft and ready to roast on the grill.  Here is the link that I use for the George Foreman Recipes.  It’s the George Foreman support site.  There are not a lot of exotic ways to use the Foreman on the ‘Net.. not on YouTube.. not anywhere.

In about 5 minutes, the bacon is done,  I put in the softened potatoes after spraying it with cooking oil, and leaving the remaining bacon grease.  The Foreman makes very little grease.  The grease all drips off,  and the bacon had very little grease on it.

The potatoes took about 10 minutes, just as the chart says.  I had sprinkled lots of garlic powder on them.  They were not fried as I expected, but were quite acceptable,  quite good.  The whole thing was good and my brother enjoyed it.  We were well pleased with this breakfast.

I love that EASY cleanup.  Now there is just the grease to wipe off the Foreman.  It comes off quite easily with a wet paper towel.  So the only pan that I have to wash is the pan I boiled the potatoes in- very easy.  I like it compared to the way a skillet gets greasy.   I dislike scrubbing nasty utensils.  Not bad and the price is right.  You can get these grills for $4 or so at the Thrifty stores.  Every Thrifty store seems to always have them.



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