George Foreman Grill- Pork Cushion

Maziza de Puerco or  Pork Cushion.  The Mexican Grocer Abbarotes Mi Familia ALWAYS has this pork for cheap.  I never could figure out what to do with it.   It is sold in large hunks, like roast.  It is meaty and muscular.   The price fluctuates between $1.69 and $1.99 a pound.   It is always cheap.  I think I tried making a roast out of it once,  but nah,  it wasn’t as good as a pork loin roast.. so what might I do with it?

I decided to see if it would make good country rib style pork.  I turned on the George Foreman to get it nice and hot.   I took about 2lbs of the Pork Cushion, and sliced it into pieces.   I cut it in about 1/2 slices.   I sprinkled the cushion with pepper, Adobo seasoning, and garlic powder.  I took a meat hammer, and pounded the pork cushion slices, but not particularly hard.  I just gave it a few whacks.

I put the slices into a bowl, and slathered it with some cheap BBQ sauce,  Memphis Style, bought in the $1 aisle of Apple Market.  The George Foreman was hot by now, so I put the slices on the grill, and closed it.   After 4 minutes, I opened the grill and basted with BBQ sauce, and turned the meat.  At 7 minutes, I poked it with a piercing style meat thermometer.  It read 168F so that was just right.  JUST the amount to where it is safe to eat, but no more.

Well it turned out just dandy.  Very tender.  You could have claimed you marinated it for hours, and people would have believed you.  This meat tasted like Country Ribs, only much tenderer.  That meat hammer works better than boiling.  I never boil, it takes out all the flavor.   It grilled up very fast, about 7 minutes.

A ‘secret’ to the George Foreman is not to overcook.  If you do overcook, the meat will be dry.  So I recommend getting a meat thermometer on Ebay.  Get one from Hong Kong, they are only about $3.   You want to use it with Pork especially.  It has to be safe to eat, but no more.

This dish is going on my rotation.  You can ALWAYS get this meat for a great price at the Mexican grocer.  One woman told me to boil it first, but if you use the hammer, you do not need it, not at all.   The BBQ sauce and seasoning I used tasted just great.   This tickled me to death.  I finally found a way to use this cheap cut of meat.


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