99 cent Aldi Boxed Au Gratin Potatoes Review

I tried out some Aldi brand AuGratin Pototoes.  Chefs Cupboard is the name that they use for this house brand of dry, boxed potatoes.  They were 99 cents a box.  Soon, I will review some other cheap brands of Boxed potatoes, simply because there are no other reviews of them on the internet.

They are very easy to make, and take only 20 minute in the oven.   I always use the oven method, I do not like microwaved foods.   I dunno what the serving size is supposed to be, but between me and my brother (older adults),  it makes just enough to satisfy us.

Satisfaction- they are very satisfying and rib sticking.  My brother likes them, so I started making them instead of our usual boiled potatoes or rice.  For comparison I made some Bette Crocker ones earlier this week.  The cheesy sauce is salty, but my brother likes salty, so we liked these and gulped them right down, and I will buy them again.

I used a round metal cake pan to make mine, since I had nothing small enough to make them in.  I just followed the directions.  Hot water, 1/2 cup of milk, margerine, and the contents of the cheese sauce package.  Bake at 450 for 20 minutes.

I overcooked mine slightly, by about 4 minutes.  Make sure you follow the directions and take them out at 20 minutes, ‘cos mine were a tad dry.   At 20 minutes, there were brown spots on the top, but I tried to make it lots of brown.. this dried it out too much.  I might add 1/4 cup extra milk or water next time.. some of the potato flakes were not soft.

I recommend these and give ’em 4 stars.  5 stars is home made scalloped potatoes.  They stacked up well enough with the Bette Crocker.  The Au Gratin, it is salty, but that is the way they are supposed to be.  Bette Crocker has you mix the powder up, THEN pour over the potatoes,  I think this method is superior.

They are about the same deal as Bette Crocker, and we gobbled them up.   They are cheap, and went well with some boneless chops that I made on the George Foreman Grill.

Split between two people, the portion size is about right.  It isn’t overly generous.  One box of these is not gonna feed a family of four.

I will buy these over the Bette Crocker, because the price is right.  Bette Crocker brand is nearly twice the price.  I am gonna keep experimenting, and try some other brands of these dry potatoes.  They are fast to put together.  They are arguably easier to make than rice or pasta dishes.


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