Ground Turkey Meat Loaf

I decided to try some ground turkey Meat Loaf.  With no holds barred, the cheapest ground turkey I could find.  I used some Carolina brand turkey from Sav A Lot.  I used this recipe,  Incredibly Cheesy Turkey Meatloaf.  I did not expect much.  I expected my picky brother to turn his nose up at it.

I was pleasantly surprised.  It IS really good!  Basically, it’s some crackers, egg, ketchup,  shredded cheese, and a dash of worcestire.  Click the link for the full recipe, which I only loosely followed.  By cracky, it was really good, and the price was right at $2 for two rolls of ground turkey.  Yeap.   Even my brother liked it, he said “that was really good!”

It was similar to Hamburger based Meatloaf.   The body was meaty.. with a hint  finer texture than ground beef.   The consistency was like beef- very uneven and not artificial.  The pink ground turkey is very wet,  it does not form easily like ground beef.   The sharp shredded cheese mixed in with the turkey gave a nice sharp flavor to it.   It does not generate lots of grease like hamburger can.  Healthy- and cheap.

Turkey burgers are good, but they are NOT like hamburger.  I do not think you can get a turkey burger to taste like hamburger.  The patties are tasty in their own right.   It is a mild, meaty taste, but it is not like turkey that you roast for thanksgiving, not at all.


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