Is it Better in the U.S. than Elsewhere?

Perhaps it ain’t so bad.  I’ve been upset over my sister and my poor Aunt.  My sis is STILL in the hospital, since Oct 18th.  But our lot could be far worse, far worse indeed.   My Aunt passed, God rest her soul.   There’s jobs, food, medicine and hospitals.  The fuel is not through the roof, and we will be warm in the cold this night.  My sister is better, and I feel upbeat and hopeful this night.

It is better than some places here, but some places would be better.   I am always reading about other countries, and what life is like there.  Still,  I have food and warm covers.  Internet, and my old truck.. so that ain’t bad.  I have a microfiber comforter that I found in the trash.  Man that thing is the BEST it is my favorite..and how sweet it is to be warm..  safe inside the building.   Even this old apartment building, well, it can be all right.  The water is hot ALL of the much as you want.  The building keeps the heat pretty well too.

My sister seems better.  She is alert, and her skin tone is good, but there are problems.  She likes her feet rubbed, so I rub them and comfort her.  I try to keep her mind off that nasty tube down her throat.  On a worldwide scale, her lot could be far, far worse.. so I should be always keeping this in perspective.  Some people get ill.  Some of people die early, like Chris Penn the actor, who died when he was only 40!   I have this theory that rubbing her feet makes it better for her, so that is what I do.   She seems to like her hands and forehead stroked too.  So I will do this, for as long as she wants me too.

There is political strife, but at least not a shooting, civil conflict.   The cops, or whatever, have simmered down this ‘hood quite a bit.  I used to hear gunshots all the time, but now it is peaceful.  There were MANY shootings around here, a year or two ago.  It used to happen all the time.

I keep seeing the guy across the street.  His residence is the steps of the church at night.  He is pacing up and down, to keep away the cold.   He was staying at the porch of the empty house they are renovating to the north of this building. They found his feces out in the back, and I guess- gave him the boot.  Hope he got into a shelter tonight.  I dunno what his story is.   He’s been living outdoors for a LONG time now;  since October I think.

How fragile humans REALLY are.  They do not even realize, just how fragile they are.   It seems like everyone is disappointed, everyone, wants something else.. but it is enough.. to just be, sometimes.


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