The Battle to stay Healthy..and ALIVE

The one luxury I have is the internet connection.  What do I use it for most?  How to cook.   How to find food cheap, and how to cook it.  Health things.  Housewives actually put up some great stuff!  Still images, video too,  of how to make chicken breast.. how to cook!  Blogs full of where to find food cheap, and ratings of food.  They are very informative.

A broadband connection is the most powerful tool you can have.  That, and a big hammer!  My father always hated my computers back in 1995, and said I was a no good bum, and snorted in disgust, just chewed my ass out when I bought one of the first  video grabbers.  A $400 chinese board, that I had on a 386SX.  I could do a lot of stuff with that.  Make subtitles for the deaf, for instance.  He was hollering at me and cursing.

Many Americans are like stone age people, really.  Violent.  Selfish, and disgusting.  Most of ’em think they are the cats meow, the center of the fuckin’ universe.  We have stone age hacks for politicians.  Actually, the politicians are the ones I am talking about most.  Even Obama annoys me, sometimes.  Pride is the worst of the Deadly Sins.. yet people value it as if it were a virtue.

What people say they are– is usually what they are not.  As in Newt Gingrich.

The ‘net is a treasure for the poor man.   The law is always changing, as politicians see the danger to special interests.   The IRS has got the poor man comin’, and goin.   My earnings are far below the poverty level, yet I will pay as much tax as Mitt Romney.


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