Emanuel Cleaver

Emmaneul Cleaver helps rescue a woman.  They saw a woman out in the weeds, having a diabetic episode.  Mr. Cleaver went to her, and helped her.  I like Mr. Cleaver- I will certainly vote for him again.  He is a good leader.  I follow the careers of local politicians.

Some will help, but often, and it seems like MORE often- they will just drive right on by.  That’s what happened to Dave Hart’s wife.  She’s in a wheel chair after that car knocked her down.

There are the poor, then there the VERY poor, the sub poor.  People living in the abandoned houses.  As far as “welfare” in the inner city.. they are really DOWN on people.  It is easier to file for your food stamps, etc, in the suburbs.  The Downtown Kansas City office is rude, unhelpful, and nit picky.  The ones who get the stamps around here,  really need them,  and they get jacked with and scrutinized all the time.

They go over people with a fine toothed comb.  They reject people for really off the wall reasons.  They are snide..and they have this bulletproof glass they hide behinc.  The line is long.   In the ‘burbs it is far more laid back.

People in the ‘hood treat each other like shit,  if they don’t know you.  You can get yourself shot easily here, for no reason.  Someone don’t like your dog, or something.  The Veterans, they discovered a camp of them down at 13th and Summit, homeless.  What did they serve for.. what did they fight for?  I burned my military uniforms.    To defend WHAT?  To protect WHO?  Being good with a dollar is better than a gun, any day of the week.

The politicians and lawyers- they ain’t got a clue.  Some of them, like Mr. Cleaver are nice, but many do not have one clue.  I watch the news of the Republican party- they are having a grand old time.  A gathering of psychopaths, that is what I call them.  Maybe the republicans are right- hey, worship the devil.  That is what the republicans are.. the most God fearin, bible thumpin SATAN worshipers in history.  I would never vote for them,  never fight for them.  Someday, they will get theirs, just like the poor are getting it. I can only hope their pain is extreme, and long lasting.

You know, the vets, they were promised this, and promised that.  I go to the V.A where there are veterans from most of the modern conflicts.  World War II,  Korea, Vietnam, Iraq,  Afghanistan.    We were told if we did this, then we would have our life.. our social security,  medicare, etc.

It is a BITCH to get social security.  The bureaucracy is slow, and the Republicans want it that way.  They want to make it even worse.  How can these bible thumpin,  chickenhawks, even look at themselves with a straight face?


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