Banana Republic, USA

One thing about the ‘net– you can tune in to the problems of other people. I was reading about the refugees fleeing from Colombia to Ecuador. I contemplated visiting there- but I am not certain about it now! We have many good things about the USA.. so don’t let the Tea Party take them away!

One thing I do not get is how people in the USA will STILL use illegal drugs.  They are a bust.  A poor person cannot afford such calamity.   Hell- I cannot afford a flat tire on my truck.

People in the USA fight all the time.  Even murder each other.   Still it ain’t bad. IF those politicians don’t take away what we got.  I guess nothing will ever change.  People are selfish, egotistical, and often cruel.  It’s their nature.  Everybody lies.  Everybody.

I think of moving to a Central American paradise, but am daunted by the crime.  Well- we got the same shit around here.  The crack heads are all thieves.. the crack whores especially.  They’ll lie to you to get money- say they need medication or whatever.  They’ll roll you if you let them spend the night, and will generally take advantage of every situation.

Blackmail is one they use.  One dope head threatens Bambi with Social Security, saying she is gonna call in and nark her out.  I don’t think it will work.  Bambi’s blood sugar is so high, it is a miracle she is alive.  People in the hoods blackmail one another often.

People will threaten you- and the cops will not do JACK SHIT.   I’ve been threatened like this before, believe me, I know.  “I will pay somebody to hurt you.”….. “I will pay somebody to cut you.”    Call the cops and complain- they won’t do fuckin’ shit.

Social services are the same.  It’s a slow and annoying bureaucracy.  The laws are full of catch 22’s and tripwires for the poor.

The USA is no different than a latino country in many respects.  Prosecution is very selective.  One woman went to jail for 17 years for stealing $40 from a McDonalds.   On the other hand, people walk away from a murder.  In fact- they do it several times.


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