It is Dirty, Under that Rug

In the State of Misery.. the great state of Harry Truman, a person has TWO years to sue for malpractice.  Many things do not crop up until many years later.  Then the Cap damages are $500,000 (but there is no limit on attorney fees).   All the fuckin’ Anti Abortion, breast beating, right to life, self righteous republicans (and Democrats)… really fucked the working man on this one.

Another reason I wouldn’t fight for this country.  I did my time, 4 years.  The dirt is so deep, it’s a wonder there aren’t ghosts in every house,  on every street.  My brother emails me, and says I ought to log in on my old ship’s website.  For what?  I am not proud.   They just fuck the poor (which is what the military enlisteds are)… they just fuck the poor, and the unwitting, right into the ground,  until we are like crabs in a barrel.

No one ever observes what they are doing.. people are too busy trying to keep gas in their car, trying to survive.   They do not know what those political whores are doing   No one knows about this shit.  Then when the poor man gets hurt,  thinks the “system” is gonna help him, he gets a big, nasty, surprise!  Horrible things happen to people, and there aren’t no TVee cameras, politicians, or cheering crowds.

Around here, people cannot afford the earth they get buried in.  Perhaps some bright republican or DINO will come up with a new idea.  Give ’em numbered tags.

The evangelical nut jobs are out is precious… “oh..nooo..oh abortion.. save the baby!”.   At the same time, the Republicans put a price on life, they put a price on life and health.. and it is cheap.

Terrible things happen to the rich and famous, but the pain of the average person, the average man is just swept right under the rug.  I just never will get over this.  People are sick around here, even get murdered, no one gives a shit.  There ain’t no TVee nor screaming crowd.

In Missouri, we know what to do with a mule that goes lame.


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