The Shocking World of the Poor

Emotional, and physical trauma is almost continuous to the poor.   There are many suicides.  My brother’s GF’s dad committed suicide, out in Blue Springs.  My X wife’s father committed suicide.   Around me, the people that I know, they are all in predicaments.

The IRS just HAMMERS the poor.  You have to think like a lawyer, to survive in America.  They will eat you right up.  The poor pay MORE than Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich pays.

Health care is good.. if you have something that is straightforward!  A cold or a sprained ankle.  The V.A. is so packed that they do not have time.  The doctor has about 15 minutes to diagnose the patient, who he has never seen before, never met.  They are big on Cipro.  Cipro is the “nuke”  antibiotic.  Most of the time, they will never even try to find out what the problem really is.

The V.A. sorts you quickly– then it’s ears are closed.  The wait time is more down at Truman East, and sometimes, really BAD things happen down there.  The focus is on money, and you go through this LONG spiel as they try to ferret blood out of a turnip.  What a fucked up Country is the USA.  It’s as if they are a third world hospital.

You want a doctor who cares if you live or die?  Do not go to the V.A.  On second thought- don’t go to ANY of ’em!

Sex is available ’round here, but I am leery of it.  I need shelter, food, and medicine.  In fact, a successful day is one where I can find these, and satisfy my needs, and I stay in that house and lock the doors,  and get off of that street.

I am tired of the news.  It’s filled with Newt Gingrich, the NFL, and events that I do not find important.  I am not going to vote for Newt Gingrich- that settles that right there.

My sister in horrible shape.   She was in the ICU for 35 days.  On a ventilator for nearly 4 months.  She is only 40.  Is THAT in the “news”?  NO.   People drop like flies around here.. is that in the news?  NO.  Fred’s diabetes getting worse and worse.. he cannot feel in his feet.  Is that in the news? NO.

No one around here gets lofty or intellectual.  Ain’t no cheering crowd around here.   It is SURVIVAL.  Do I think the USA is a great country? FUCK NO.

Update:  I go see my sister at Truman Lakewood.  This is the old county hospital.  This hospital is lots nicer than it used to be.  LOTS.  It is a lot better than the V.A. hospital. Maybe I should start going to Truman.  After watching the “healing experience” of my sister.. I am leery,  let me tell you.

Her stomach is swoll up.. a football in there.  There is a blockage in her intestine.  All winter she has been in the hospital.  Well, except a couple weeks ‘cos the insurance company booted her out.  There ain’t no confetti, nor a cheering crowd.


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