They Find another Body

They find a body out on Cliff Drive.   This is quite common.  You know, people want to look up stuff on my computer, and that is the most common.  Rumors of murders around here.  WHO got killed.

It’s true.  Often, I will have seen the people on the news, sometimes, even talked to them at one point or another.  I keep wondering where that one guy is at, that was sleeping in the doorway.  The building owner made him move, and now he is roosting on the church steps across the street, the poor fellow.

There are many such situations around here, and many of the people in this building have a hard time making the rent.   People are grateful for the smallest favor.  SOME of them are.  Then there are the criminal element.. the prostitutes who are universally tied up with drug dealers.   They gamble, gamble, and gamble and keep playing away.

It is strange the people you meet.  My sister’s surgeon, whom I am growing to like.  The nurses, who I pretty much like.   The people in this building, who I pretty much like.  I even liked some of the prostitutes.  They are these wretches, really.   They live horrible lives.  These girls vary, from nice, to downright EVIL.   Most of them are not nice company- always thinking about.. whatever they want, next.  Their whole life is hustling men, so they are not good company.

I like Bambi’s company a lot.  I love explaining what is happening politically to her, because I really keep up with it.   I always listen to her as she explains her convoluted bills.   She pays a mammoth gas bill, but they shut her off with no notice.  I guess they are so used to shutting her utilities off, they did it out of reflex.  They have also got themselves screwed with cable and phone companies.



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