Moving forward.. my sister walked 23 feet today!  My blood sugar was GOOD today.  There are joys in this life, make no mistake.  I am tired of watching the “Celebrities” troubles.  People ’round here live with, and work around huge problems, and no one gives a shit.

I am also tired of being told who is “beautiful” and who is not.  Many “beauties” do not strike me as beautiful, nor talented.  I am focused on the hamburgers that I am going to make tonight, got a good deal from the mexican grocer.. some sugar too!  Then I will have tea.. ahh.. how I love tea.

Now those mexican talent.  There’s a lot of joy in this world, but there is also a flip side.  The homeless try with all their might to get something going.  Their lives are like a roller coaster.

However, even the rich and famous can have.. undesirable experiences.  Peace is sweet..and I float on the tide of it. how sweet is the peace.   My sister having a hard time, and it is hard to ignore her pain, to not internalize it.   To know people, can be a painful thing.   I can keep praying, and that is what I do.  Just keep on PRAYING.


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