My Aunt Norma dies.. almost mercifully, after a terrible bout with cancer.  People are brave, and many people I meet are facing something or the other.  The full impact hits me this morning..and I begin to realize the impact of it.  Her family stayed with her all the way.  She died at home.

Now that we cleaned them dopers out of this building, it is more like a hostel for sick people.  Bambi has terrible blood sugar, cataracts, but she is wiry and spry.  I need surgery on my arm.  My sister in the hospital.. she is better now- I can hardly believe it.  KC calls me in the middle of the night,  wanting to sleep on a pallet in my living room.  She has Lupus. The guy sleeping in the doorway- I wonder if he is still there.

Dave Singleton’s 53 old son has severe diabetes,  plus his wound from his heart surgery won’t close.  The Artery will just spit blood out of the wound, and it makes a big mess.  He’s also got a aneurysm in his stomach artery.   The son won’t stop smoking, stop eating candy.   His legs are turning black, and they may amputate at least the toes.   Dave works hard as a truck lease driver.

I am busy with my sister.  My emotional energy is focused upon her.  Now to get all those papers signed, so she can get her rights, her social security that she paid into.  She is gonna need it!  She is talking. .has a feeding tube..but is responding now.. after being in the hospital since Oct 19.  It is like a dream- a horrible one.

My brother drives his Share A Fare van, taking people to dialysis and stuff.  I am very glad that it is there.  In the olden days we had these piece of shit Ford Econoline Vans, very spartan, metal interior, same as a plumbing truck.. with these rickety ramps that flopped down.   They were very poorly maintained.  The Share A Fares are nice little mini buses. I am glad the sick people have them, they deserve them.


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