At the Salvation Army

At the Salvation Army.  Me and Bambi go to pick up these Christmas boxes we had to signup for a month ago.  We were excited, but NOPE.. you do not get no “free turkey”.. not a free ham.  They give out this water based yukk ham that is like Spam.   Don’t get me wrong, it is food.. and I am grateful.  But as far as the poor living royally off of the freebies that are supposed to be so readily available,  that’s a delusion.  Unless you call eating a can of green beans for breakfast living like royalty.

If you think you can just live off of handouts.. and there’s a big free lunch, you are mistaken.  Most of the places give out only once a month.. they check and check your I.D. card.  It’s humiliating,  really.

The entitlement programs that were there, were watered down, loopholed, and gutted by the previous administrations.  Bush, and even Bill Clinton.

In a PIG’S EYE would I serve them or protect them in a military conflict.  Out of my family, I am the only one who served, and it was a waste of time really.   This is why I couldn’t do my 20.  To defend WHAT?  To protect who?  No one is protecting the people around here, that seems for certain.  God is, I hope.

The poor, well people that are poorer than me, are going around begging for food basically.  One gal,  Linda, who got the crap beat out of her by her boy “friend”… comes over and does my dishes for some coffee and a sandwich.  She makes a ham sandwich out of that ham-food-loaf thingy I got from the Salvation Army and some cheese.  Most of the beggar ones are women over the age of 40.  They’ve been beat up so many times I can’t even count, some of them badly.  K.C. just got beat up, according to Linda.   I mean- broken bones.  Keeping clean and bathed is a constant problem for them too.

I follow the news about the Tea Party.  They are some of the most mediocre, deluded people in American society.  My hatred for them has intensified considerably these days.

What a depressing christmas, in a depressing, hypocritical, and selfish society.  It is like a crazy house of egotism and selfishness in just about every strata of society.  People take all kinds of liberties with one another- they will take your life.


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