The Guy in the Doorway

That same guy has been sleeping in the door way of the building next door since Dec 11th.  That is 9 days so far.    I think I might go slip him a few dollars,  if things go right for me this week.  I can’t believe the way people can live around here.  There was a community one year down by the river.  Old Keith told me that there were 300 people living down there.  I cannot verify this.

I go on YouTube and listen to Good King Wenceslaus, especially the version by Blackmore’s Night.. Candice Night sings it.  Then, I started reading about King Wenceslaus.  I never knew the words before.   I’ll do it in daylight. so he won’t stab my ass.   Bambi said, “better watch out, a lot of dem people are crazy.”    I am airbrushing and stenciling shirts for my family, and the more I listen to the Christmas carols, the more excited I get.   It is FUN.

Meanwhile, I watch life go horribly for other people.  It really is,  like a horror movie.  My brother volunteers to work Christmas day, which don’t even pay overtime.

I am watching the Republicans, who as far as I am concerned, ain’t got a clue.   In a pig’s eye would I vote for them, or support them in any way, shape or form.


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