Well.. I am getting into music videos I found from Ritchie Blackmore.  It’s astonishing that he’s around, much less putting out wonderful music with his wife, Candice Night.  Look on YouTube for the videos of the Christmas Carols.. I did not even know they were famous to begin with.. I thought it was some new,  unknown Celtic band.

I especially like “I saw three ships”  I think it’s wonderful stuff.  I used to like Loreena McKinnet, but now I like Candice better.. her voice not so high pitched.  Great stuff.   Someone put another one up, “Good King Wencelas”  This is one of my favorite Christmas songs, about how by giving to the poor, we are blessed ourselves.

My sister talking now.  It is miraculous, really, considering the shape she was in.  She’s pretty much, a simple soul.  All she ever wanted was those horses, and the animals she always tended to.   Likes that corny country music.   Worked hard at those henhouses of call centers.. so she could have the money for her critters.  She raised up her two children,  one is out of school now, the other bound for college.  She is all right.

Actually, this world seems filled with simple souls.  How do things get so complicated?  Pain was something I just observed, but now, now I know how it feels.


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