They Find the Guy that Did it

They find the guy that killed the woman at the Royale Inn down on 600 Paseo. Nice work! YAY.  Well that is a wrap and good riddance.  It always seems to involve drugs and/or alcohol.

Meanwhile, my sister slowly coming around, inch by inch this MUST be what a miracle is.   That is what it is, a miracle.  Like Tim Tebow.   It is so strange to see and experience the grotesque, low down, and ugly in this world, but right alongside of it; the miraculous and elegant.

I run to the store.. that is RUN to the store.. because there is some dude slouched in the doorway of one of the vacant apartment building.  It is cold, with drizzling rain.  I run back into this building, my key ready in my hand..thankful that I have someplace warm to go to.


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