Oil Filled Electric Heaters work GOOD

This is the third year I’ve used that cheap oil filled heater.  Man- that thing works good.  In the drafty front room of this apartment, the gas furnace was constantly coming on.  I brought out the oil filled heater.  I forgot what I paid for it, I think it was $29 new.

It has a thermostat on it, but I like to just set it on “low”.. and let it work and boy it works good.  I even just shut the furnace off, and before I was shivering all the time with the draft.  I love these heaters, they are very good for a small apartment.  I think it was a Family Dollar job.. I think that is where I bought it.


Someone shoots a robber down at the gas  station and C Store by the Price Chopper on Wilson road.. holy cow!  Meanwhile my sister and Aunt are languishing with severe illness.. my sister is weaning today from the ventilator…… I do not know how they take it.  People are brave.   It seems like ALL people are brave, in some way, or the other.

Bambi’s blood sugar was 560 today.  Still they give her shit on her Medicaid..she can’t hardly keep up with it.  She can hardly see over 3 feet in front of her.

I have all kinds of heroes, really.  You can find them all over the place.  People who lived through far more than I think that I could handle.  I could just hand the gold medals out, when I think of it.


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