The Phony Concern News Cast

You know what I can’t stand?  Is that phony concern and sympathy of the newscasters.  I want to escalate to YouTube podcasts, and I am working on my “phony concern” look,  so I can be just like Maria Shriver and the rest of the newscasters.

People get put out of their misery. That is what it is like.  As a matter of fact, one murderer over on Benton said exactly that, when he shot two people.. to put out of their misery, buying crack and having unprotected sex.  I mean NUTS.  It is like a gigantic horror movie, as I go to the Hospital and see my poor sister.  Arrgh.   Modern medicine and it’s wonderful cures.  It is a tossup as to who or what, is the worst.  At the store a couple days ago, the clerks were sniggering over the TV Weatherman that committed suicide.

You know what I am gonna do about it?  I am going to make some potato salad, that’s what.  People overlook the joy of the simple comforts.  I guess you cannot make a contest out of them, make any money.  To sleep soundly, with pleasant dreams.  To have clean socks.   Now we are talkin’ boy!

They are “procedures”.  It’s not as if they are hacking into your flesh.  It is AWFUL.  There are ventilators.  The PICC tube, which is a tube that snakes into a vein, and goes nearly to your heart.  Half those nurses at the V.A. can’t even find a vein to draw blood.

It’s like the world is stuck in the Medieval period.  One politician, Herman Caine gets the wind taken out of his sails as he is discovered in another sex “scandal” that I am just horrified to hear.  NOT.

To watch these doctors work, will keep you running for your “apple a day”.  More like Medieval inquisitors.  Man- I’ll talk, I’ll talk!

It’s like the Medieval period, with the general population as the vassals.  The people around here often don’t have checking accounts or cars, much less computers.   They have that stupid TVee though, which is what the Republicans count on.    I wouldn’t  be surprised to turn on the TVeee (if I had one).. and hear Michele Bachmann hissing..”Heretic!”.  That’s my take on it, and as far as I am concerned, I am the only “news” source worthy of being called the news.

The only “news” I am worried about is what happens around here.  I am not concerned about any of the people that are on Google “news”.  It’s the same old people!  Kim Kardeshean.. Arnold Schwarzenegger….Lindsay Lohan..etc.  It’s like only a handful of people exist in the world.   What about the rest of us “hot dogs”?

One guy,  who got evicted is trying to get into the buildings.  Last night, he succeeded, and went down into the basement to sleep, and get out of the cold.  I am leery of him.. he’s a ex-con, boozing sort.   It is awful to see people turned out in the cold weather.

Update:  KC calls me saying one of the “girls” got killed at a Motel at Paseo and Independence Avenue.  This is not in the news yet.  I get a email from my CrimeReports..and sure enough.. there it is.  It happened on the 800 block of Paseo.    The reports from Crime Reports have none of the details.. just a note that a event occurred.  It could be ANYTHING.  This is why these homicides never get solved.  It could be a drunken argument, a robbery, or anything.  Might have been someone wanted to kick someone else out of a warm motel room.  It is scary stuff.


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