Eleos Coffee and Panini

A guy named Dan set up his coffee shop at 3391 Independence Avenue, and I take Bambi to try some Panini.   This is a pressed and toasted sandwich.  He offers WiFi in that place, and it is small and cozy.. the same as the shops in Westport and the Plaza.  Bambi never experienced the “hippy” style places.  I do not think she ever even ate at one of the stylish restaurants.  This is the style place that has the menu on a blackboard.

I had a ham and cheese, and one called the “Indiana”.. good toasted sandwiches, with excellent potato salad, and a excellent crispy pickle spear.   I like the nice decor and the “coffee shop” atmosphere, much different than the “functional” style restaurants on Independence Avenue.  Gonna put in a good review for them on Urban Spoon.  This is at Independence Avenue and Indiana, across from the old Super Pollo.   He does not stay open long, only until about 2 PM.

Hope this little place can scratch out a living.  Hmm. .this is operated by a Ministry, and let me tell you,  Independence Avenue is good place for it!  It was a real treat for Bambi.


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